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Recipe: Appetizing Baccalà in umido

Baccalà in umido. Baccalà in umido con Patate (Stewed Salted Cod with Potatoes). Italian dishes are about tradition, memories and a whole lot of passion. This dish comes from my childhood and was reunited with it in our beautiful home in Rome.

Baccalà in umido Poi proseguite assicurandovi che non ci siano lische nella polpa del pesce. Soften the raisins by bathing them in lukewarm water. Lightly coat with flour the baccala` fillets. You can have Baccalà in umido using 0 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Baccalà in umido

Put some oil in a large saute` pan and give a quick coating on all sides of the fillets. In a separate saute` pan, saute` the onion. Baccalà in umido con Patate (Stewed Salted Cod with Potatoes) Bacala' in umido con Patate (stewed Salted Cod with Potatoes), is a dish that you would see in our Roman home on Christmas eve. Traditionally Christmas eve was a night filled with fish and seafood delights.

Baccalà in umido instructions

  1. Tagliare a pezzi il baccalà e metterlo in ammollo in acqua corrente per 24 ore.
  2. Passato il tempo di ammollo,scolarlo per bene,passarlo nella farina e friggerlo in olio bollente,mettere da parte.
  3. Tagliare la cipolla a striscioline,metterle in una casseruola con olio evo e fare appassire a fiamma bassa,una volta appassita aggiungere il pomodoro,le olive nere,i capperi e il vino bianco..
  4. Portare ad ebollizione ed aggiungere il baccalà,far cuocere per 30 minuti.
  5. Ultimata la cottura,impiattare e servire!.

This fish stew is full of vibrant flavors and textures. Baccala In Umido – This dish is going on my next menu, it is that delicious! The players: San Marzano tomatoes, sweet onions, kalamata olives, sweet orange peppers, garlic, lemon, and parsley. Remove the salt cod from the packaging and rinse well under cold running water. Place the fish in a pan and cover with clean water.

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